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How much does participation in this event cost?

This event is completely FREE. The Warrandyte Lions Club work hard throughout the year to raise funds to pay for this event so you can partake in ALL ACTIVITIES supplied on the day for FREE!


How do I get to the track?

It is your responsibility to arrange your transportation to and from the track. You could have a friend or family member drive you, you could catch a taxi/uber or you could catch public transport. We will run a FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE too and from the local train station to facilitate those of you who use public transport. This shuttle service will run all day starting from 8.30am and finishing at 4pm.


How long are the driving sessions?

Each booked session will go for approximately 30 minutes.


What time should I arrive at the track?

You should arrive at least 30 minutes BEFORE your scheduled drive around the track however it is preferable that you arrive 60 minutes before your scheduled drive. We need to undertake registration upon your arrival so we want to ensure that we get all of this done before your driving session. There will be lots of things for you to do to fill in the time if you are early.


What should I wear on the day?

It's a good idea to wear something warm, especially as the event runs in July. It is also important that you avoid wearing thongs, sandals or any footwear that may create issues with the pedals when driving the cars. It is suggested that you wear closed toe shoes.


Are the Driving Instructors really Driving Instructors?

Yes all the driving instructors on the day are legally registered and operating driving instructors. All come from reputable registered companies and operate as legally registered and operating instructors. Only the best for our VIPs.


Do we actually drive around the Race Track?

Yes you do. The Race Track has been booked exclusively for us for the entire day. Professional Driving Instructors will take you out onto the Sandown Race Track and you will spend your 30 minute session driving around the hallowed race track in Melbourne Victoria.


How do I learn the track?

We have been working hard with Vision Australia to facilitate this element of the day and we will be providing some "track boards" that will have braille versions of the track for you to feel and learn before your drive. 


How fast can I go around the track during my driving session?

We are legally limited to driving at a speed that does not exceed 100km per hour. The driving instructors will monitor and implement this rule during the session. 


Can I choose the time that I drive on the day?

Yes we make this option available to the participants however we have a limit to 15 driving slots available for each 30 minute session so there is a "first come, first served" process for the booking of the time slots. 


Can I choose the type of car that I drive on the day?

There may be a possibility of you choosing the car that you drive on the day, however this can be limited to the driving instructors that are available and which instructor has been allocated to which VIP. It is suggested that if you have any requests that you make them to the Marshalling Officer on the day and we can see what we can do.


Do I drive an Auto or Manual Transmission car on the day?

There will be both Auto & Manual Transmission cars available on the day. The type of transmission that will be allocated to you will be done on the day by the Marshalling Officer. If you have any requests it is suggested that you make them to the Marshalling Officer at the time of your driving session. We will endeavour to accommodation any and all requests if and where the opportunity exists. 


I have a Seeing Eye Dog, will there be "minding" facilities for them on the day?

Yes, we will provide a "Dog Parking Lot" for the care and supervision of your Seeing Eye Dogs, This facility is being developed in conjunction with our partners at Vision Australia and we will ensure that all the appropriate precautions and requirements are met to look after your Dogs. 


Can I drive more than one driving session?

Unfortunately we are only able to book you for one driving session on the day. This enables us to ensure that we can get the maximum amount of people through on the day to undertake this amazing experience. There are possibilities of "empty" slots that appear on the day due to VIPs not turning up to their booked drives. If this is the case there may be an opportunity for people to undertake a second driving session - but this will be addressed on the day by the Marshalling Officer on a first come, first served basis. 


Can our friends and family members come on the track with us during our driving session?

Unfortunately no they can't. During the driving sessions around the track only the driving instructor and the driver is allowed to be in the car.


What other events happen on the day?

Other than driving there will be a lot of different events and activities happening for you and your friends and family members. There will be joy rides in Custom Cars as well as rides on the back of Motorbikes from out partner organisations. There will also be a BBQ (Sausages, Burgers & Drinks) as well as a small cafe for some warm beverages like tea, coffee and hot chocolate - there is a small cost for the food items so please bring a few coins with you. We will also have displays from Vision Australia and their affiliates.


What Custom Cars will be available for me to take a ride in on the day?

We are unable to confirm the cars that will be available as our partnering club will be unsure of their members that will be available until closer to the date. We can tell you though that there will be some amazing cars there for you to take a ride in.


What Motorbikes will be available for me to take a ride on during the day?

We are unable to confirm the types of motorbikes that will be available as our partnering club will be unsure of their members that will be available until closer to the date. We can tell you that the Motorbikes that are available will be fantastic!


Where do we go on the joyrides?

There will be 2 routes that are used for the joyrides. There will be 15 minute sessions spread        between each driving session where the joy rides will travel around the race track. For joy rides that occur during the driving sessions we will use the private road owned and operated by the Sandown Race Track just outside the car park. Please note that you WILL NOT travel on public roads during the joyrides.


Will there be safety equipment provided for the Motorbike Joy Rides on the day?

Yes. We will supply a variety of Motorbike jackets and helmets for you to use on your joyrides. There      will be a variety of sizes available to cater for everyone. 


Is there a cost for the Joy Rides?

No! The joy rides are a part of the daily program and therefore are completely FREE!


Can I have more than one joy ride in the Custom Cars and on the Motorbike?

Yes! These services will be made available all day and you can have as many joy rides as you like!


Can our friends and family members take part in the joy rides?

Yes this element of the program is open to all attendees. 



Can I purchase any memorabilia on the day?

We do have some hats available for purchase on the day for $10.


Can I stay at the track all day or do i have to leave once my driving session is over?


The event runs from 9am to 3.30pm and you and your friends/family are welcome to spend the entire day with us. We encourage our VIPs and their friends/families to take part in all elements of the day including tasting some fine BBQ, drinking some nice warm coffee/tea and experiencing lots of joy rides on the Motorbikes and in the Custom Cars. 



Is all of this really free? Is there some kind of catch?

YES this day is completely free and NO there is no hidden catch. The Warrandyte Lions club work very hard throughout the year to facilitate this flagship program for our VIPs. It is important to the club that all activities are free and accessible to all VIPs on the day. There will be a small charge for the BBQ items but the activities are completely FREE!


Is there medical support on the day?

Yes, we hire the St Johns Ambulance for the entire day and they will be stationed at the end of pit straight to address any and all medical requirements that arise.


Is there any food or drinks available on the day?

Yes we have a tea and coffee station that will operate all day, as well as a BBQ that will have a selection of popular BBQ snacks available for attendees to access. We will also have cold drinks available. All of this is generally offered at a gold coin donation.


If you have any additional questions that were not answered
in the F.A.Q above, please feel free to contact us using the form


Can we please request that only questions or queries can be issued through this feature. If you would like to make a booking to be a part of this event please click the "Book Online" menu button or go back to the home page and locate the booking form from there. .

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